10 Winter Safety Tips

So it looks like winter is finally here! What better time to share our Top 10 Winter

Winter Tips NB

Insurance Claims that we see the most of here at our insurance brokerage, as well as some tips on how not to get left out in the cold by these common mishaps:

1. Auto collisions: This one`s pretty obvious!… and so are the ways to reduce the risk: get winter tire, adjust your driving to the conditions, and cut down those snowbanks around your driveway so that you can safely pull out onto the street.

2. Snow-blowing mishaps: The snow and ice you blow out of your driveway has to go somewhere, just make sure it doesn`t land on your neighbors siding, fence, or car! If you use a snow removal company, make sure they have liability insurance so that their mistakes don`t fall on you!

3. Ice Damming: is a phenomenon where rooftop snow turns into ice that accumulates around the gutters and edges of your roof and can eventually cause some serious damage if not taken care of. It’s mostly caused by poorly-sealed and insulated attic spaces. When it comes to ice-dams, prevention is usually easier than curing after the fact. However, there are some things you can do if you find yourself faced with this problem, as explained here by one of our insurer partner Travelers Canada.

4. Freezing water pipes: Often happens in vacant seasonal homes, or vacation trailers where the heat is turned off but pipes were not properly drained of water. If you`re leaving your home for an extended period of time, call your broker to see what your particular insurance company expects of you while away.

5. Fires: Mostly caused home heating appliance – led by improperly maintained woodstoves or furnaces – but also dried-out Christmas trees, old and overloaded extension cords, or even wet mittens left on baseboard heaters!

6. Collapses caused by heavy snow: Most common are above-ground swimming pool, followed by decks, and those store-bought plastic or metal sheds or gazeebos. Keep the snow from accumulating where it`s safe to do so, and contact your local pool expert for tips on how to keep your pool from collapsing.

7. Slip-and-falls: these mostly happen on icy steps or walkways leading into homes and businesses, in unsalted parking lots, and in wet entryways where melted snow accumulates. Use non-slip floor mats to collect water, be generous with the salt, and – for businesses – make a good record of your vigilant snow-clearing efforts to reduce your exposure.

Trucks8. Tree branches: Don’t you just love the look of a snow-covered pine tree? That is until one of its branches breaks off and lands on your home, deck, or the hood of your car! Identify precarious branches and trees, and have an expert trim them for you.

9. Holiday Parties: Did you know that Christmas Party Insurance is a thing? Anytime you’re playing host to a group of colleagues or friends – and especially when you add alcohol to the mix – you may be putting yourself at risk. Special Events Liability Insurance is a cheap and easy way to transfer your liability exposure!

10. Crashing through the ice: ♪ …in a no-horse open sleigh (er… ski-doo) ♪. But seriously, EVERY SINGLE WINTER we get at least a couple calls of snowmobiles, pickup trucks, and of course ice fishing shacks, falling through thinning ice! Only in New-Brunswick, eh!

The good news is that pretty much all of these events are insurable! Call Vienneau Insurance today if you have any concerns about these or other wintertime hazards! We offer comprehensive Homeowner’s Insurance and Auto Insurance to make sure you are protected!