About Us

About Us

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Dear Client (or, maybe “future client”;),

This is traditionally the section where we give you a brief history of the company, and sing our own praises and tell you how great we are.  But how about we do this instead…

Vienneau insurance is a for-profit company, like probably about 95% of the businesses out there.  We’re a locally owned small business… family owned as a matter of fact.  We’re pushing about 45 employees spread amongst our 4 regional offices, and we know there’s likely about another 100-150 extended family members relying on them; from spouses, to kids, to elderly parents.  This is all the motivation we need to make sure that we do keep our business healthy and run the right way.

We’ve been around for quite a while – almost 70 years actually – and I like to think we’ve been pretty good at passing down the old-school values that people still appreciate in a company.  Things like… we still have a human being answer the phone when you call us, and you can actually drop in and sit and chat with the guy or gal you have been talking with over the phone.

We’re also working hard to make sure we keep up with the times now that we’re serving our 3rdand 4th generation of clients.  Yes, we’ll “text” you those quotes if you want…. As long as you promise to “like” us at some point!  😉

We’re also completely aware that we’ve only been around for so long thanks to our amazingly loyal clients, and if ever you feel that one of our staff has forgotten this, please call and ask for me personally.

This is who we are in a nutshell.  Thanks for checking out our website, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Kindest regards,

Marc Leger