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Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance Throughout New Brunswick

You love newly-paved winding roads, and hate potholes WAY more than your 4-wheeled contemporaries. Bumper-to-bumper traffic is somehow extra painful, as are rainy weekends. That’s just the way you feel about anything that gets between you and that sense of freedom that you get while cruising the open road.

We get this, because we’ve been insuring bikers for decades now. In fact, we don’t just insure bikes, our last 2 company Presidents are avid bikers themselves!

Whether you’re looking for coverage for a cruiser, sports bike, touring, dirt bike, or insurance for your Spyder or other 3-wheeled bike, we’ve got insurance for that. Heck, we even do insurance for mopeds or scooters if that’s your thing!

The Importance Of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorbike values continue to climb as they become more elaborate and sophisticated over time. Writing off a newer bike today can easily cost you $10-20-30,000.00, or more! They unfortunately don’t tend to fare well in higher-speed collision accidents, and are easily written-off. They’re also very susceptible to theft, as a just a couple of experienced thieves can usually roll an unsupervised bike up into the bed of a truck in a matter of seconds!

As hard on the pocketbook as a physical loss to your motorbike can be, a much worse financial blow is when there are injuries to yourself, your passenger, or third party individuals you may collide with. Fortunately, Motorbike Insurance in Shediac NB comes standard with Accident Benefits and Liability coverage (unless you just have it parked with “fire and theft” coverage) that will help ease the financial burden should you find yourself involved in an accident where there are injuries or damage to other people’s property. The trick is to make sure you don’t let a cut-rate insurance provider talk you into low limits to save a couple bucks but then leaves you exposed!

Protection for Your Bike

Biking without proper insurance is like roaring down the Trans Canada in shorts and a tank top without so much as a helmet to protect your noodle!… Not smart! We know know Motorcycle Insurance and have been protecting bikers in New Brunswick for decades. Contact Vienneau Insurance today for a quick and easy motorbike quote!