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Brush Cutter Insurance in New Brunswick

Cutting brush is a valuable service to the good people of New Brunswick. It not only beautifies our landscape, it gets rid of many hazards alongside the road which drivers may not be able to see (like local wildlife). However, this important service also comes with risks. In fact, there are a number of hazards that your brush cutter insurance should cover and if your policy is not complete, you could have problems like Howard in our example story.

Howard was the kind of person born to be out of doors. He felt uncomfortable and out of place indoors and Howard had to be outside as much as possible. In addition, Howard was fond of nature and to no one’s surprise he started up his own brush cutting business and it prospered for years.

Howard understood the need for liability and property damage insurance so he had liability protection in excess of one million dollars. However, he failed to get a complete brush cutter or tree trimmer insurance package.

Howard owned the building which housed his office and he had standard commercial insurance but no flood protection. When a large flash flood hit the region, his office was destroyed and the damages were not included in his insurance coverage. This caused Howard a huge financial setback which he could have avoided, and this is only one of many hazards a brush cutter policy should provide for.

What is Brush Cutting Insurance?

A brush cutter policy is designed to protect the needs of tree trimming and brush cutting businesses. This includes normal business insurance and coverage specialized to your business.

Who Needs This Kind of Insurance?

Brush and tree trimming insurance is for businesses that work on the landscape. This can include:

  • Brush cutters working for the province
  • Tree surgeons
  • Tree trimming companies
  • Landscape services
  • Lawn and garden services who perform trimming
  • Brush cutters with government contracts – you may need additional insurance for these jobs.

What Kind of Standard Tree or Brush Cutter Insurance Should I Have?

You will need a typical business insurance package such as:

  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial property coverage – includes storm damage, theft and burglary to your business property
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Equipment insurance

What Options Do I Have for Brush and Tree Trimmer Insurance in New Brunswick?

Your insurance options will depend on your business and a good insurance broker will sit down with you and discuss all your needs to give you the best risk management selections. Here are some of the options available:

  • Inland marine insurance – commonly called cargo coverage, this protects your goods, supplies, or equipment while in transit because standard commercial auto insurance does not usually cover cargo.
  • Specialized equipment coverage – for example, some brush cutters also perform excavating and other services and this takes special equipment. This can also cover cherry pickers or booms.
  • Contract bonds – some municipalities and brokerages may require a guarantee that you can complete your brush cutting services (when you are the successful bidder on a job). These bonds guarantee your client that you can start and finish the job no matter what.
  • Umbrella insurance – a good option because it can pay for liability claims that exceed your general and auto liability limits.
  • Professional liability – protects damage your equipment or employees may cause which does not come under the heading of “general liability”.
  • Office equipment – if you have equipment in your office, like computers, desks, and other things, they should be insured.
  • Flood insurance
  • Sewer backup insurance
  • Cyber insurance – with modern technology, cyber crimes can happen to anyone and it’s best to be prepared.

Who Can I Talk to about Tree or Brush Cutter Insurance?

Insuring a business is not a simple task. For example, you have to look at all of the risk factors, financial matters, and many intangibles which can occur. You then have to check out insurance companies and all the coverage options available. If you make just one error in judgment or underestimate a coverage need, you could be paying for it for many years. This is why you need an insurance professional from Vienneau Insurance.

Why Vienneau Insurance?

We are not simply a branch office of an insurance company. In fact, we do not work for an insurance company. We are independent insurance brokers working hard for our clients (people like you). When you choose Vienneau Insurance you are choosing experienced insurance people with the best interests of your business at heart.

It’s our job to get you the best insurance and the most affordable insurance premiums and we take our jobs very seriously here. Your independent broker checks with several of Canada’s top insurance companies to see what is available and looks for the most affordable premiums. Plus, our job does not stop when we find you insurance.

Vienneau Insurance is always there for you. If you have to file a claim you are not alone, because we are there to help you through the process. When you make Vienneau Insurance your partner you have someone to count on for risk management assistance and this can make all the difference in the world.

Contact Vienneau Insurance today for a free, no obligation quote on your brush cutter or tree trimmer insurance.