Worry Pas Wednesday Contest


To enter, simply post your “Worry Pas” photos on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag “#WorryPas” to enter into a monthly draw for a $100.00 Spa Gift card* (or, $80 cash).

To avoid issues with Privacy Settings – and the possibility that they cause us not to be able to find your post even with the hashtags – we recommend that you post your pictures to OUR Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/govienneau/) in the Comments section of our weekly “Worry Pas Wednesday” post. Otherwise, make sure you “Like” or “Follow us” on FB and/or Instagram if you are posting to your own page so that we can have access to seeing your post.

“Worry Pas” moments can include you or someone you know just lounging at the cottage, or chilling on a beach, or the kids or pets snuggled up on the couch. Just moments where you’re at your most content and relaxed.  Feel free to get creative!

Entered photos will be copied onto our weekly “Worry Pas Wednesday” posts on both our Facebook and Instagram accounts, where visitors will be prompted to vote for their favorite photos.  Voting on both platforms will then be tabulated at the end of the week (Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM), and a weekly winner will be identified.  On the last Wednesday of the month, the weekly winner with the highest number of votes will win the Monthly prize!



– You must have one of the following hashtags: #WorryPasWednesday or #MercrediWorryPas

– You must be a resident of New Brunswick

– Staff and members of their household can submit photos, but are not eligible for the monthly prize.

– Photo must be deemed appropriate for posting by our page admins (ie. no nudity, vulgarity, or implied violence)

– Only post images that aren’t copyrighted and where you have the permission of the people in the photos.

– By entering, you are agreeing to let us make a digital copy of your photo for post on our contest page, and understand that the quality/resolution of our copied image may be lower than your original photo.

– The winner will be announced on first week of the following month on our facebook page.

* $100.00 gift cards are available for one of 4 spas:  Dastous Dio Spa | Salon (Dieppe), La Spa Salon & Spa (Moncton or Riverview), Sparkle Lifestyle and Medispa (Moncton), or USVA Spa Nordik (Moncton).