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Life Insurance

We’ve all been slapped in the face by the news of a young father being struck down in the prime of life, or a single mother being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Our thoughts immediately turn to the welfare of the remaining family members; especially the children.Without life insurance, things definitely becomes a lot more uncertain. Expenses that were once covered with that bread earner’s paycheck becomes a big question mark. Expenses like:

  • Mortgage payments
  • Miscellaneous other debts (vehicles, credit cards, etc.)
  • Future education expenses
  • General living expenses (heat, food, etc.)


And this overwhelming avalanche of bills comes AFTER basic funeral costs, which are major expenses in their own rights The reality is that the vast majority of us can’t afford NOT to have life insurance in New Brunswick. This is especially true when you consider that the cost of life insurance is nowhere near as intimidating as most believe, especially if purchased earlier in life.


For example, the young father who left a family behind could have possibly paid as little as *$9.31 per month for $100,000 of term 10 life protection.


There’s absolutely no harm in doing your homework, and at the very least uncovering what price range you fall into for life insurance. Making the call is the first step in protecting those who matter most to you. Call us today to discuss your life insurance options.


*Source: WealthServ, premium based on male non-smoker, age 25 as of March 29th, 2016 (price subject to change)