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Restaurant Insurance

Running a successful restaurant has been described as an “exhaustingly satisfying” experience! Between managing perishable inventories, the often-complicated scheduling of employees, and just making sure that everything adds up at the end of the day, being a restauranteur is rarely described as an easy endeavor. With that said, ensuring that you have the right restaurant insurance in New Brunswick shouldn’t add to your stress.

Why restaurants often times give insurers indigestion!

There are few businesses out there that seemingly bring together so many dreaded risks that just leave paranoid insurance company executives sweating in their suits! You’ve got the blazing hot ovens next to the bubbling grease. Then, there’s the constant flow of clientele all day and the increased liability exposures that this brings for things like slips in the driveway and wet entryways. Not the mention the always-present risk of food-poisoning you’re a segment of town’s population! Add liquor liability issues to the mix and you’re practically looking at a full menu of risks that would give most insurers a severe case of heartburn!

We’re the Antacid for your Restaurant Insurance woes

Vienneau Insurance knows restaurants, and we know that a professionally-run establishment is no scarier than a kids meal!

Here are ways that we’ve learned that restaurant can keep their premium lower:

  • Ensure is your equipment is all up to code: from the big things; like making sure hoods and vents are all clean and fire suppression equipment is up to date, to making sure your pots and pans and other basic gear is not in disrepair.
  • Adhere to health codes: cutting corners can easily lead to claims and increased insurance premiums. Make sure all staff is up to date on the latest health and safety courses available.
  • Watch for liability hazards: keep your property free of tripping and slip-and-fall hazards, whether that be inside your restaurant or in your parking lot. Make sure your servers know that the restaurant can be held liable if the over serve alcohol to a patron.

We’ve been doing restaurant insurance in New Brunswick since 1948, and we’ve pretty much seen it and done it all. From providing insurance for lunch trucks or weekend farmers market vendors, to insurance for franchise restaurants, and insurance for pubs with high liquor sales. We insure establishments known for their fine cuisine, to ones recognized for their amazing down-home “like Mama made it” Maritime cooking.

Contact us today for a free review of your restaurant’s insurance needs, and see what we can do for you!