Tenant Insurance

Who Needs Renters Insurance?

If you’re reading this, chances are that YOU do!! Whether you call it “Tenant Insurance”, “Renters Insurance” or “apartment insurance”, if you rent the space that you live in here in Shediac or throughout New Brunswick, you need proper coverage!

It seems like rarely a week goes by without hearing a news story of a fire in an apartment building somewhere in the province. There’s the inevitable tally of the number of residents who have been “displaced” by the incident, unfortunately often times followed by a statement that some did not have the proper insurance protection to cover their losses.

Don’t Fall Victim To Misinformation

Some apartment renters mistakenly believe that they are covered under their landlord’s insurance, but this is not the case. Tenants Insurance is the only way to ensure that your belongings are covered for common causes of loss like fire, water damage, and theft.

Some of the other benefits of a proper policy are:

  • Liability insurance: to protect against lawsuit for accidental injury or property damage arising on your premises.
  • Additional living expenses: incurred to find a new apartment while yours is being repaired following a covered loss.

Another common refrain that we hear in our line of business is: “Hey, I’m just starting out and don’t really have all that much to lose anyways!” You’d be surprised how much “stuff” we all accumulate, even early on. Take a walk around your apartment and do a quick calculation how much it would cost you to replace all your stuff with BRAND NEW stuff. Take stock of all your furniture, all the clothes in your closet and drawers, all your electronics, and everything in your kitchen, from pot and pans, to silverware and plates. Would your next paycheck cover their replacement? With cash left over to pay next month’s rent?!

The last myth about apartment Renters Insurance is that it’s expensive to buy. The reality is that a minimal amount of insurance – say $15,000 of contents coverage and a million dollars of liability cover – often times costs as little as $15 per month! A pretty small price for peace of mind!

So, the better question becomes:

Can you afford Not to get Tenant Insurance?

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