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Camper Insurance

Do you dream about getting in your big RV and hitting the road for a month or more at a time? If so, you share a common passion with many Canadians and once you earn this privilege you need to make sure you are covered in case the unexpected happens. In fact, it is essential to find the best possible RV insurance in Shediac to ensure your financial well-being and future. Here is an example to help demonstrate the importance of proper insurance.

Frank and Carol were looking at RVs and planned to spend the warm months in Canada and winters in Florida. In fact, since the couple was retired they sold their home and made plans for the future. They wanted to travel to parts of Canada and the United States that they always wanted to see, but never got the chance.

As soon as they bought their RV Frank called their insurance broker to get a motorhome insurance policy. The broker told them he would take care of the matter tomorrow and then hung up the phone. This didn’t sit well with Frank so he told Carol about it. Carol mentioned her friend Francine was excited about her new independent insurance broker because he was not only very helpful, he helped her save a great deal of money on coverage.

The next day, Frank called the independent broker and went in to see him about insurance. The broker explained to Frank that owning an RV was like owning a home and it was important to have both auto and home liability coverage as well as several other options. Frank didn’t want to have any problems, so he discussed his plans and took out a motor home insurance policy which fully covered his and his wife’s needs.

Carol and Frank were excited about their new life and took to the road. A few days later they stayed in an RV park and met a nice couple named Fred and Sara. However, they didn’t expect Sara to slip and fall in their new RV home and Sara seriously injured her back, requiring hospitalization and surgery. In fact, a few weeks later, Sara filed a claim for over $250,000 claiming she was disabled and could no longer work.

Frank called his insurance broker and he was relieved. The broker told him he had sufficiently liability coverage on his RV and it covered things like slip and fall injuries. Had Frank not changed insurance brokers, he and his wife could have faced a major financial setback.

What is RV Insurance?

Insuring your RV is like taking out auto insurance for your RV, except it covers things that normal auto insurance in Canada does not cover.

Who Needs Motorhome Insurance?

There are several different vehicle classes which fall under the category of “RV homes” and they will need insurance, such as:

  • Class A – Large units which serve as self contained homes. They are built on bus or large truck chassis and the driver’s section is in the living space.
  • Class B – this class encompasses vans especially made for camping. They are made with long wheel bases and passengers can stand up inside the compartment.
  • Class C – these motor homes are large and have a cab over area that can be used for storage or as a sleeping compartment.
  • Camper trailers – special camping trailers like ones with tents included
  • Recreational vehicle trailers – like the Airstream trailers of yesterday, these RV’s are pulled by a truck or large vehicle.

A Typical Motor Home Insurance Policy

If you drive your RV, you will need basic insurance like:

  • Auto liability
  • Auto collision
  • Medical benefits
  • RV contents
  • Special damage protection (for towed RV units)

Options for RV Insurance

  • Camping lot liability
  • Replacement cost – covers vehicle depreciation on new RVs
  • Home liability protection
  • Extras – decks or outbuildings
  • Roadside assistance
  • ATV insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Trailer insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Umbrella insurance policy
  • Getting the Right Motorhome Insurance 

Insuring your RV is not like insuring your home or your car. It has special requirements and you should choose an insurance brokerage that can service all your needs, like Vienneau Insurance.

Why Choose Vienneau Insurance?

When you come to Vienneau Insurance you are choosing an independent broker with access to the largest insurance companies in Canada. We do not represent only one company. We have many insurance partners and our brokers shop policies for you so you are free to take care of other matters.

When you need to make an insurance claim, you are never alone. You have someone to help you with the process. Plus, we always keep your budget in mind, so you can afford your protection.

Don’t take chances with your motor home insurance. Get a free quote from Vienneau Insurance today.