Condo Insurance

Condo living is the life, and is catching on big time in New Brunswick! Whereas buying a condo might not have even been a consideration for the majority of our population even just a decade or so ago, nowadays it seems like sometimes builders can’t put them up fast enough. From young professionals who want extra time to focus on getting their careers going, to “boomers” who are looking to downsize, condo living is often viewed as a best-of-both-worlds option in between ownership versus renting.

Not your standard property insurance policy

For all the life-simplifying benefits of condominium ownership, condo insurance in New Brunswick can be rather complex to the untrained eye. Like condos themselves, the policies to insure them are a bit of a hybrid between a homeowner’s policy and tenants insurance. Since there are multiple policies involved in ensuring a condo is properly covered, we often get questions along the line of; “Whose responsibility is it to insure that part of it?” Fortunately, we have the answers, as we’ve been doing condominium insurance in New Brunswick long before it became fashionable! We have access to a number of insurance companies who insure condo. Some of the unique considerations when it comes to condo insurance:

  • Condo insurance covers upgrades you make to your unit.
  • Your Condo Corp’s liability policy only applies until your guests reach the threshold of your unit, then it is your own Condo Unit Owners Insurance that protects you against liability issues.
  • Some insurers offer unique perks if you suffer a loss to your condo unit, like temporarily paying a gym membership if you had a gym as part of your condo unit.

Condo insurance made easy in New Brunswick

Your condo shelters you, and there’s absolutely no reason not to shelter it from loss. Whether you’re a first time buyer looking for your first insurance, or have been with the same insurer for a few years now and just want to make sure you’re properly covered and not paying too much. All it takes a quick call or click to put us to work for you to see if you. It would be our pleasure to provide you with that peace of mind.