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Campground Insurance

If you own a campground in New Brunswick you have a great source of income. People love to get away from it all and have fun and they are willing to pay for this privilege. However, many campgrounds today are not simply a place to park RV vehicles. In fact, today’s camps provide a wide range of entertainment and fun for those of all ages. With an opportunity like this, also comes some major risk factors to consider and this is why the right campground insurance is vital to your success and financial well-being. Here is an example story to demonstrate the importance of being properly insured.

Robert and Francine L received an unexpected financial windfall and planned to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and get away from it all. They loved camping and when they had the chance to buy a profitable campground they decided to check into the situation. Within a few minutes time, the couple fell in love with the area and were soon the proud owners of a fun and exciting camping area. The place had an excellent lake and many other fun attractions designed for the entire family.

Robert and Francine knew they needed insurance against many different hazards and Robert wanted to go to his second cousin Fred for insurance. However, Francine knew their business risks were significant and one incident could cost them their livelihood if they were not fully insured.

Francine insisted they see an experienced insurance professional who was an independent broker, and she would not take no for an answer. The couple saw their new broker and he put together a comprehensive business insurance package to fully protect them. Plus, he reminded them the place was on well water, and should be reflected in their RV park insurance policy.

Things went well for the new campgrounds but about two years later, several people became very ill and after an investigation, it was revealed that the well water had became contaminated. If Myra had not demanded they see the right insurance professional, this would have meant the end of their beautiful business venture, because the claims came to several million dollars. Thankfully, their insurance was sufficient to cover all the claims and legal issues.

What is Campground Insurance?

If you own camping grounds and charge people to take advantage of your facilities, you need to insure yourself against all the problems which can arise. Insurance for campgrounds is designed to cover the many risk factors you will face each day.

Who Needs Camping Grounds Insurance?

If you run the following businesses, you will need to consider this kind of coverage:

  • RV Park
  • Tourist camping
  • Religious (non profit) camp
  • Family campgrounds
  • Camping grounds/amusement parks
  • Seasonal campgrounds
  • All season campgrounds

Basic RV Park Insurance Needs

Your insurance needs are dependent upon the kind of business you run. However, most campgrounds will need to have basic insurance such as:

  • General liability – this should be considerable because of the possibilities for injuries and damage claims.
  • Property insurance – covers all your business property like outbuildings, parking facilities, docks, shelter houses, and picnic equipment.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance – will cover the vehicles you use for maintaining your campgrounds and conducting business.
  • Business equipment – can include power generators, tools, and specialized equipment.

Options for Campground Insurance

You might need several different insurance options and your broker will help you choose the right ones for your business. For example:

  • Umbrella liability – will cover claims in excess of your normal liability limits
  • Special equipment – this can include water slides, swimming pools, bounce equipment, hay rides, and many other things
  • Water features – this will cover things like boat and jet ski rentals, rafting, or water skiing.
  • Employee theft
  • Inland marine insurance – covers equipment in transit
  • Sign insurance
  • Cyber insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Equipment breakdown coverage

Making Sure You Get the Right Coverage 

When you need business insurance in the Maritimes you should come to an independent brokerage that knows campgrounds. That is why so many people choose Vienneau Insurance.

It is so important to have a professional on your side because some insurance companies have exclusions that you might not be aware of. You don’t want to find out your policy has exclusions when it is too late. Your broker from Vienneau Insurance will go over all your coverage and coverage options to make sure you are fully protected.

We know you are busy and that is why we give you the options of calling, coming in or checking out what we have to offer online. It’s so easy to get a free online quote on RV Park insurance. You only have to click your mouse or tap your finger.