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Holding On To The feeling

We all remember when we first got our driver’s license – taking the family car out – it was all about that feeling of freedom when you hit the open road for destinations unknown. No worries, just the feeling that a whole new world had just opened up, and it was yours for the discovering.

Only later on, as the realities and responsibilities of life begin to set in, do we start to think about things like “Auto Insurance” and what role it plays in the grand scheme. As the years pass and our carefree exuberance is gradually replaced by the realization that we now have so much to lose, it’s easy to lose that “worry free” sensation that we had when we first got behind the wheel. At Vienneau Insurance, we want to help you hold onto that feeling!

It’s About Peace Of Mind

It’s not about funny commercials, or prodding people to “get your own quote online” and having to live with the consequences. it’s about making ABSOLUTELY SURE you are covered ahead of you or a loved one being in a car accident. Because let’s face it, automobile accidents happen every day, in Shediac and every community throughout New Brunswick. You can’t afford to find out that you did fully understand where the “car rental” option was on the website, or that the call-center insurer slid in a jacked-up deductible to make your price look better. You need a local independent insurance broker that you can trust not to play “Russian roulette” with your family’s financial wellbeing. We live in the same communities as you do – and we’re not big fans of dirty looks at the grocery store – so we make sure we cover you right.

All Car Insurance Is Not Created Equally

If you are going to drive a car in New Brunswick, you are required to be able to prove you have insurance. Although the government legislates that certain minimal levels of coverage be present in every Auto Insurance policy, a scrupulous agent or broker will not push upon their clients the bare legislated minimum coverage. The “add on” coverages, or – as we call them in the industry – endorsements, are what really brings a Car Insurance policy together.

These can include options such as:

  • Rental car coverage
  • Coverage for vehicles you borrow but don’t own
  • First Accident Forgiveness
  • Guaranteed replacement cost (“new car” coverage) for newly purchased vehicles
  • “Top up” liability insurance that can come into play if you are hit by a driver who carries lower limits of insurance which aren’t enough to compensate you for your damages and injuries

All these endorsements can vary from insurer to insurer. For example, some provide more rental coverage than others, and some will replace your car with a new one three years after you purchase it, whereas others will only replace it when it’s under 2 years old.

The beauty of an insurance broker is that we have options, and we’ll make sure you get what you need. Call Vienneau Insurance today or simply fill out our quote form at the top of this page for your free Car Insurance quote!