Big changes to your vehicle use during COVID-19?

April 22, 2020


During the pandemic, many of the insurance companies that we work with are providing some relief to our clients. Some are waiving fees for NSF payments, some are deferring payments, and some are even providing discounts or maintaining last year’s rates.

If you are no longer commuting to work or school, or your 2-car household has decided you can make due with one vehicle in the short term, you likely qualify for some premium relief.  Let us know how your situation has changed, and will be happy to verify if you qualify for premium relief.  Please remember that, once the situation changes – and your vehicle use returns to normal – you MUST remember to let us know so that you are properly covered.

Please contact your local servicing branch to let us know the change in use and the vehicle it applies to.  We’re here for you.