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Taking a Trip?

Don’t forget Travel Insurance

Taking a trip is oftentimes about adventure, and adventures by its very definition can be unpredictable. Trip delays, lost luggage, and illness or injury can cause financial loss ranging from hundreds to tens-of-thousands of dollars, or more!  You want to come home with memories, not massive bills to pay, and this is where travel insurance comes in.

Travel between provinces here in Canada also comes with some risk, as you may only be covered for a portion of what you might have been covered for under your home province’s health plan.  Travelling out of country most certainly presents an even higher exposure, as we have no idea what the costs are for medical assistance in any given foreign country.  Depending on how remote the region is that you are traveling to, costs could be compounded by significant transportation expenses to reach a proper medical facility.

Vienneau Insurance has teamed up with top local and national providers of travel insurance to assist you in covering your trip. Request a quote today from one of our licensed brokers who will help guide you through the products and the process.


What level of coverage do you need?

Single-trip travel insurance:
Best suited for those who travel infrequently, and for trips that are shorter in duration.  Add as many family members to the policy as required. 


Year-round travel insurance: Think of this as sort of a “buy in bulk” deal for travel insurance!  Ideal for those who either take multiple trips during the year, or those who take one or two longer trips and spend a significant portion of the year away from home.  Some call it “Snowbird Travel insurance”!


What can be covered?

  • Emergency Medical Expenses (COVID-19 Coverage Available)
  • Trip Cancellation Expenses
  • Cost of Returning Home Early
  • Baggage Loss, Damage, and Delay
  • Funeral Expenses
  • And more …

You deserve “Worry Pas” peace of mind while traveling!

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